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Angelika Garbaya


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Dreams of a ‚clean state‘ and a ‚professional currency‘ that serves all people & draws peace.

Silvio Gesell

Thought leader


Wealth and poverty

peace of nations

„Wealth and poverty are equally perverse conditions; they do not belong in an orderly state, they are incompatible with the peace of the bourgeoisie and the peace of nations.“ Silvio Gesell

in 1916 in „The Natural Economic Order“

Become a part of the whole

Get in and become part of a whole that will make the world a better place.

Peace and prosperity for all will lead the power and creativity of humanity into community progress.

The time is ripe

The fiat money,the money system imposed on us of the present time, is at the end.

Let us now make progress resolutely, lovingly and with constant strength that will shape our society into a community that is worth living in, mutually supporting.

Become a ‚Spreader‘

Support us and help yourself.

Help us as a ‚ distributor ofideas

‚ to bring the solution into the world, so that all the peoples of this earth can finally live in peace and freedom. 

For our children. For you. For all!

For our children. For you. For all!

For our children. For you. For all!

Peace [Freiheit]

„Despite the holy promise of the peoples to outlaw war for all time, despite the cries of the millions: „Never again war!“, contrary to all the hopes for a beautiful future, I must say:

If today’s monetary system, the interest-rate economy, is maintained, I dare say today that it will not take 25 years for us to face a new, even more terrible war!“

Open letter from Silvio Gesell to the Berliner Zeitung, 1918 | Note:  

Beginning of the war 01.09.1939

Who we are

Here will be a descriptive text that has it all. Of course, you too can contribute an idea and therefore participate directly in the content progress. Dare now and leave your spiritual work the right space, because…

Jens Kasten

Currency expert

Angelika Garbaya | Freedom work

Angelika Garbaya

Dipl. Business economist

Economic freedom is the foundation of all other freedoms.

Tomas Klünner

Journalist & Webmaster

The implementation of Silvio Gesell’s proposals is a prerequisite for us to ever live in a genuine democracy.

Let’s be better together!Our way


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