A short article about money

Writing a short article about money is almost an impossibility. Both for those who understand little to nothing about money, and for those who are well versed in it. Some write meter-thick volumes about it to disguise their ignorance and incomprehension. But they want to be at least academic and expert, and that costs ink and paper.

The others find at least one new aspect of money every day and how it actually relates to our economy and may not stop writing. It also costs to describe complexity inink and paper. It can be difficult for people who are starting to get interested in the subject to find the right reading. We would advise you to take it very slowly and let go of any belief that an incomprehensible article or a disturbingly complicated book contains the truth.

Money is one of the most important things in our lives. It permeates every area of life and whether or not someone can dispose of money often decides on the well-being and woe of a partnership, an entire family, a company and its employees and their families. Clearly, we are currently facing a serious economic crisis, which only a few weeks ago was to be sold to us as a mere financial crisis.

In the meantime, however, the unemployment statistics speak of very different facts. The crisis continues and its end cannot be foreseen. Quite the opposite. Far worse developments are to be feared. An ongoing crisis, which cannot be overcome even with high-profile advice and multibillion-dollar acts of strength – not even giving rise to hope that it would be contained in the ways taken – shows that the true UR issues of the crisis are not yet understood. We have declared war on this incomprehension.

To be very brief, money is a means of exchange and should only function as such. Then it is a blessing for humanity and nothing stands in the way of our entry into the Golden Millennium. For money to work in this sense, it must be deprived of its arrogant superiority, which is the prejudicial status over all other commodities, to which it is supposed to be only an equivalent. Money doesn’t get bad, it doesn’t lose weight or color, the moths don’t gnaw at it and it can’t get lazy and lazy either.

Money Silvio Gesell Free Economy Freedom Work

Money Silvio Gesell Free Economy Freedom Work

These material advantages make it a joker within the economy and anyone who owns money can pull the joker and the producer „over the table“. The improvement is structural – because anchored in the material – and does not stem from the character weaknesses of the money owner. Nor the much-maligned greed of our professional money managers in the world’s banks.

The money itself needs a correction towards „deterioration“. It has to be on par with the goods and they lose on average – from butterbread to briquette – about 5 percent per anno. This loss must be attached to the money. This is done by charging a fee for cash. This fee seems like a precise and absolutely reliable circulation guarantee, because who would still withdraw banknotes from the economic cycle if they were worth 5% less each year under the mattress? After 20 years, you would be on the equivalent of an old newspaper, no matter how thick the money packages were once laced.

Money that feels compelled to be on the move at all times does its service exactly as it should be. If you do not want to constantly cheer on your surpluses, bring them to the banks, which pass the money on to other economic operators as credit. Because the banknote doesn’t matter who spends it. And if you want to pick up your savings from the bank at any time, you can do so and you will have as much left to do as he did when he was waived.

Money gets its full bargaining power as long as we humans want it, because with the certainty that all money is in the economic cycle, the money supply can be regulated. Being able to regulate the money supply means that a professional money management can always adapt the amount of money in circulation to the supply of goods and services. And as soon as this commodity-money relationship can and will be kept stable within an economy, we have a currency. Not a day earlier.

This article, too, will not answer all your questions, but it is intended to understand and invite you to delve further into the subject. Best with us, because we promise one thing: even if it becomes difficult and complex, we remain comprehensible and true.

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