Jens Kasten

Currency expert

Birth shortly after the completion of the Berlin Wall in Karl-Marx-Stadt, today Chemnitz. Growing up in the most beautiful district where there is. We go for conditions that make beauty and peace possible only permanently.

Angelika Garbaya

Dipl. Business economist

Born in 1961. Raised in a village in Baden and since 1980 an enthusiastic Berliner. Fan of Silvio Gesell since 2004. Dreams of a degraded state and a professional currency. Because life can be so great!

Tomas Klünner

Journalist & Webmaster

Born in 1964. Raised in Iserlohn. Got to know the ideas of Silvio Gesell in 2004. 2006 to 2008 Chairman of the HUMANECONOMY PARTY. Founded the FREIHEITSWERKtogether with Angelika Garbaya and Jens Kasten .

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May 14, 2020